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    Jan. 6 panel chair says “significant testimony” shows White House “had been told to do something” 

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    Japanese nurse dressed in black during the Russo-Japanese War, hand-colored postcard, c. 1905

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  3. Selected Articles Review: Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. Scientists are trying to figure out why 

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    Trump leads all Republicans in poll on 2024 presidential election 

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Selected Articles Review: Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. Scientists are trying to figure out why

Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. Scientists are trying to figure out why | 90.1 FM WABE  WABE 90.1 FM

В Карелии зарегистрировали первого заразившегося омикрон-штаммом коронавируса. Этот вариант вируса выявили у женщины, которая прилетела из Франции. Заболевшая чувствует себя нормально. Впервые “омикрон” зафиксировали в России в начале декабря. К концу месяца число зараженных новым штаммом в стране перевалило за сотню.


123514 Газета.Ru – Первая полоса

The post Газета.Ru – Первая полоса: В Карелии выявили первый случай заражения “омикроном” у женщины, вернувшейся из Франции first appeared on Russia News Review.

В Афинах поздно вечером 1 января застрелили 41-летнего выходца из Грузии, вора в законе Шота Тевдорадзе, известного как Шотико. Греческий телеканал Mega и агентство “Прайм крайм” передают, что убийство …


123516 Газета.Ru – Новости дня

The post Газета.Ru – Новости дня: В Афинах на глазах у семьи застрелили грузинского вора в законе first appeared on Russia News Review.

The CIA World Factbook | From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, The CIA World Factbook 2009 offers complete and up-to-date information on the world’s …

Description. Yes, this is the absolutely official guide to lockpicking from the US government and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The de Blasio Debacle  City Journal

6917757 “political crimes” – Google News

6919584 Political Criminology from Michael_Novakhov (6 sites)


On this “Face the Nation” broadcast Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Representative Liz Cheney, Representative Adam Schiff and University of Chicago professor Robert Pape join Margaret Brennan.


Putin tells Biden imposing sanctions will be seen as an ‘act of war’

The post Capitol riot committee will submit evidence of crimes for prosecution, chairman says – The Independent first appeared on My News Links.

So I have began researching on how fingerprint tracking goes. It seems pretty unanimous that its better to blend in rather than block fingerprinting. Many of the people in the sub have recommended using Tails but wouldn’t that make you stick out like a sore thumb?

Regardless I wanted to take measures to hide my identity from fingerprinting without having to switch OS. The only software I have seemed to find that truly changes your fingerprint is Kameleo but is very expensive.

There’s two fingerprinting randomizers chrome extensions that are popular (random user agent and user agent switcher) but both require you to show Mozilla which makes your fingerprint unique and not blend in. Most of them dont hide everything either like video card specs.

Does anyone have any good resources for me? Has anyone found a good solution to consumer level browser fingerprinting privacy?

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The post Fingerprint Changing Chrome Extension first appeared on My News Links.

Man dead in Queens subway turnstile jumping incident: NYPD. Queens. by: Aliza Chasan … coronavirus new york city schools filephoto …

7923515 Google Alert – coronavirus and nypd

The January 6 attack on the seat of Congress, led by supporters of Donald Trump, was “a harbinger of increasing political violence”, and American …

… 2021 riot police push back a crowd of supporters of ex-US President Donald Trump after they stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC.