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Rudy Giuliani just screwed himself over in the most spectacularly stupid way possible

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The other day I wrote about how Rudy Giuliani was on the verge of becoming a fugitive. Prosecutors in Arizona have been trying to serve Rudy with his indictment summons, but he’s been hiding from them. If the deadline for service came and went, someone was going to be sent to forcibly drag Rudy in.

This would have been the stupidest move possible on Rudy’s part, because it would likely have meant he’d be denied bail while awaiting trial. Rudy ended up doing something that wasn’t quite as stupid, but was fairly close.

Last night Rudy posted a tweet from his birthday party, bragging about how prosecutors haven’t been able to find him. He also falsely claimed that if they didn’t serve him by the deadline, he’d simply get away with it all.

It’s not clear precisely what chain of events played out from there. But barely an hour later, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes quote-tweeted Giuliani’s taunt, and matter of factly added that Giuliani had just been served.

. . .

How many mistakes did Giuliani make here? Let us count the ways. First, you don’t taunt prosecutors who have just indicted you and are about to put you on trial. That’s just dumb. Second, you definitely don’t taunt prosecutors about how you’re hiding from them, because that’s just something they can use against you at your bail hearing. Finally, don’t tweet a photo from your own birthday party, revealing your location in real time, while prosecutors are trying to find your location. Can’t wait to see how Rudy blows it next.

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