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RFK Jr. on a debate stage ‘will look like a nut:’ Democratic strategist

(NewsNation) — As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continues his quest to get on state ballots, he’s also trying to make the debate stage. At least one supporter of President Joe Biden hopes that Kennedy does find a way to qualify for the CNN and ABC debates.

“People will come to find out that some of his platform issues and things he stands on are complete insanity, and he will look like a nut,” said Democratic strategist Reyahd Kazmi.

Republican strategist Melik Abdul, who joined Kazmi on “NewsNation Now,” says Kennedy’s participation in the debates won’t make a difference with voters.

“I don’t think that he will be a game-changer. I think that RFK’s name carries more weight than his candidacy, itself,” said Abdul.

Kazmi said the last third-party presidential candidate to make a big national splash was businessman Ross Perot in 1992. He says Perot was polling at about 39% in June but won just 19% of the national vote in November.

Kazmi adds that, while Perot did better than any previous third-party candidate, “Third-party contenders tend to lose some of that shine and some of that appeal as it gets closer to election day because people then get the opportunity to hear more from those candidates.”

Abdul agrees, saying Kennedy is no Ross Perot.

“I don’t believe that RFK is the type of galvanizing third-party candidate that those who are interested in third-party candidates would need. He’s not the one to take them to the mountaintop.”

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