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5:54 AM 10/9/2021 – Russian hackers attacking US government websites steal counter-intelligence and sanctions policy data | More than 500 Covid cases linked to TRNSMT festival – Selected Articles Review

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Russian hackers attacking US government websites steal counter-intelligence and sanctions policy data

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Cyber ​​attacks on US government websites have received wide publicity. United States officials blame the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, which denies any involvement in them. According to Reuters, little is known about the purpose and consequences of these attacks.

Hackers obtained classified information using vulnerabilities in Microsoft softwareAdded Experts.

Christine Goodwin, Microsoft’s general manager for digital security, said the company made these findings by analyzing the target customers and types of accounts.

Experts working on the government investigation told Reuters that Russian hackers used specific queries to find digital files. Among them were restrictions.

Former head of the US cyber defense agency CISA, Advisor to Solarwinds and other companies chris krebs name Hacker requests are “logical”.


The Washington Post wrote about the participation Cozy Bear to the hackers of the APT29 group. known as, for cyberattacks on US government sites, including the country’s Treasury and trade ministries. The victims of the attacks were government, consulting, technology, telecommunications and oil and gas companies in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Organizations were hacked through a network management system update server maintained by SolarWinds.

On December 13 last year it was discovered that hackers, who may have worked for Russia, Stolen information from the US Treasury Department and the Directorate of Telecommunications and Information of the Ministry of Commerce of the country.

Newspaper the new York Times It is written that the attack affected more than 250 government agencies and large companies. These include the State Department, the Energy Department and, in part, the Pentagon.

Politico’s negotiators in the US Congress called P. talked about the participation ofto Russian hacker thousands of letters stolen US State Department officials last year. The State Department used SolarWinds software.

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Douglas Kennedy celebrates the 25th anniversary of Fox News Channel.

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Videos posted to Twitter show LAPD swarming a ten-story building in downtown Los Angeles where an armed suspect had barricaded themselves with a hostage.


Prentis Madden, a Florida veterinarian who pled guilty to child porn and animal cruelty charges, was sentenced to 272 months in jail.


Abolhassan Banisadr, Iran’s first president after the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, died at age 88 on Saturday following a long battle with illness.


James Brooke | Foreign Affairs: In defense of Christopher Columbus  Berkshire Eagle

Chinese virologist Dr Le-Meng Yan had also once claimed that the Covid pandemic was leaked by China as a bioweapon. Yan also added that China has been …

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It’s the first such meeting since U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan in late August, … endemic corruption and more recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

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To go over it all, Benjamin Wittes sat down with Lawfare senior editors Alan Rozenshtein and Quinta Jurecic, and Lawfare associate editor Bryce Klehm, who has been reading all of the depositions in the matter. They talked about what the committee found, what aspects of it are new and what we might do about this dramatic turn of events.

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Taiwan dismisses the Chinese leader’s remarks, saying its future lies in the hands of its people.


Public Health Scotland says 551 people who tested positive for the virus were at the festival around the time of their illness.

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Journalists Maria Ressa of the Philippines and Dmitry Muratov of Russia won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their fight for freedom of expression in countries where media outlets have faced persistent attacks. (Oct. 8)

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Galapagos giant tortoises at London Zoo have a new enclosure to call home

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From: AlJazeeraEnglish
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Croatia has launched an investigation into the alleged beatings of migrants by its border police. The probe comes a day after journalists published the results of an eight-month investigation.
Warning: This report by Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley contains footage which you may find disturbing.

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