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Donald Trump’s sea of insanity


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As you know, I occasionally weave Mythological tales into my works. But you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the Greek God Poseidon in even one of my articles! That changes now Poseidon is one of the original Twelve Olympian Gods. He was the God of the Sea, a uniquely special god known as the protector of seafarers Only Poseidon MIGHT be a wee bit angry about now. This is because, of course, of the cult of Donald Trump, also known as the Republican party.

It seems there is no end to their fawning, utterly disgusting reverence for a dementia-ridden, mentally gone traitor. That might be why Florida Representative Greg Steube created legislation that would rename — – the Sea. In honor of Donald Trump.

This is not a joke. I certainly wish it were. But no. This is just the cult at it again. So, the area in question is called “The US Exclusive Economic Zone.” It spans around “4.3 million miles from the territorial sea baseline.”

With this new legislation that is never EVER going to happen, the name of these nautical miles would be changed to:

Wait for it: “The Donald John Trump Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States.”

Nausea. Whew. Lots to unpack here! First of all, how do they come up with these things? Does he come to them in their fever dreams, perhaps? How does one simply wake up every morning thinking, “I’m going to name the sea after Donald Trump”?

Second: See, (pardon the pun) I’d have no problem with SOMETHING being named after Donald Trump. Allow me to make suggestions for THAT if you will.

“The Donald John Trump prison for convicted felons.” It has a nice ring. How about “The new and improved orange prison jumpsuit.” Or: “The unbreakable, safe from Donald Trump ketchup bottle?”

See, THOSE names make sense. What connection does Donald Trump have to the Sea? He likely does not swim. He’d be too worried about his damn hair. The traitor sunbathing? Unlikely. So yes, were there a Poseidon; he’d likely be VERY pissed right now. Let’s see what this strange congressman has to say about it all.

Here’s Florida’s own Greg Seube: “Floridians know the great value of our coastal natural resources and how important it is to have a President who cares about the strength and resilience of our oceans.”

The strength and resilience of the ocean? Is he kidding? The sea is the vastest , most mystical, primordial , ever-lasting and flowing Sapphire of blue that has ever existed and will ever exist. It’s got nothing in common with Donald Trump.

. . .

Neither Donald Trump nor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis care about “strength and resilience,” not where our Sea is concerned. In the meantime, it’s so nice to know how our Republican Congress people spend their time. Let’s all vote BLUE — the color of the sea — in November.

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