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Donald Trump has completely senile meltdown about not being able to take a shower


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During a speech a few weeks ago, Donald Trump said that he didn’t know why he was still bothering to wear pants, before incoherently seeming to suggest that he was eventually going to stop wearing pants altogether. It was a reminder of just how unbelievably bad his dementia symptoms have gotten, and it raised questions about how much longer before he started appearing in public without pants.

Now, in a similar vein, Trump just had a meltdown about how he’s not able to take a shower anymore:

Trump: Do you ever go into a new home where you have a shower where the water doesn’t come out of the shower head? They put a restrictor on. I took all the restrictors off. I took them off. I’ve had the experience. I take a shower. I want that beautiful head of hair to be nice…

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) June 15, 2024

. . .


So now we have Donald Trump talking about not wearing pants in public anymore, and floating excuses for not bothering to shower anymore. As his cognitive abilities continue to vanish, he’s openly questioning whether he should continue with basic daily adult functions. How much longer before he strips naked on stage and starts urinating or something? Sorry for the disturbing image, but it appears this is where Trump’s dementia is heading.

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