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Interviewer confirms Donald Trump’s brain has turned to jello


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It’s such a relief to this writer that we, the American people, have as our President a unifier, a man of strength and character, a man anyone would be deeply proud to host at their own home. That’s why this upcoming election will be the most important ever. It really will be. Democracy is on the ballot. Women ‘s rights are on the ballot. Everything is on the ballot.

There are millions upon millions of reasons why Donald John Trump is unfit for office. He is a convicted felon. He is a sexual assaulter. He stole classified documents, He incited an insurrection. I could go on and on.

But let’s not forget one of the most important reasons. That is his cognitive decline. It seems every day now, a new gaffe enters the equation, and another person has a story to tell. This time, the story is from Ramin Setoodeh, co-editor-in-chief at Variety, who once interviewed Donald Trump.

Speaking on Morning Joe, Ramin explained that he’d done an hour-long interview with Donald Trump. Then, a few months later, Ramin happened to bump into the traitor. Trump did not recognize him. Not only that, but it would seem he did not recall the interview.,

“Donald Trump has severe memory issues. As the journalist who spent the most time with him, I have to say, he couldn’t remember things.”

“He Couldn’t even remember me.”

“I think the American public really needs to see this portrait of Donald Trump.”

“Because this shows what he is like and who he is and who he has always been.”

I found this a bit chilling, quite honestly. This cognitive decline of Donald Trump has the potential to ruin him. The bottom line is he should not, under any circumstances, EVEN IF HE WAS NOT A CONVICTED FELON, be running for President.

The presidency is a huge job, a momentous task that one MUST be prepared to sacrifice for. One must have all one’s wits about them. Donald Trump has none. He should drop out. By continuing to stay in the race, he is at more risk of doing damage to both America and himself.

Think of it as someone who decides to take a walk across a rickety bridge to get to a pond. However, as they walk, it seems they may not make it across. The deteriorating bridge makes sounds of imminent deterioration and becomes more and more shaky. Well, you’d get off the bridge, would you not?

. . .

Donald Trump is walking the plank with his candidacy. His criminal record has already made him the subject of many jokes, and if these stories continue to come out as this writer suspects they will, it can only hurt him, making him a liability for any ticket.

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