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A gardening club is a collective way to grow food, flowers and friendship

Getting dirty hands in the garden is a private act in some ways – but also an environmental gesture in the face of climate change

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Once a month, about 10 of us gather with our hand hoes, some gloves and a basket filled with snacks and wine. We rotate houses, either drawing names from a hat to see whose turn it is or choosing based on who hasn’t hosted in a while. Once arrived, we set the kids loose to run amok, then dig in – literally.

“Gardening club” is a bit different every time but the constant is: we work hard, get our hands dirty, catch up on each other’s lives and let the kids entertain themselves.

Rachel is a writer originally from the US, now based in South Australia. She is author of the memoir You Had Me At Pét-Nat, and publisher and founder of Pipette Magazine

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