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A Primary Day That Could Shape The GOP

North Carolinians are heading to the polls today for their state’s primary as multiple Republican candidates for Senate are fighting for the nomination. First, Congressman Ted Budd, candidate for Senate in North Carolina, joined to discuss why he believes former President Trump’s endorsement has been so valuable for his campaign, what he accomplished in the House and what is driving voters in his state. Later, former North Carolina Governor and candidate for Senate a Pat McCrory joins to share why he believes independent voters in the state could boost him at the polls and how his time as governor has prepared him for the Senate.


Pennsylvania and North Carolina are two states with hotly contested primary races unfolding today. A growing trend among candidates’ campaigns have been their ties to the MAGA agenda made popular by former President Trump and their efforts to win his endorsement. As voters make their decisions, many wonder if a Trump endorsement will have any power in determining election results. Director of the FOX News Decision Desk Arnon Mishkin joins the Rundown to discuss former President Trump’s influence on the Republican party, issues that matter most to key demographics, and the efficacy of President Biden’s “ultra MAGA” offensive. 


Plus, commentary by columnist David Marcus.

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