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Apple Watch 8 Prime Day deal brings it under $280 for the first time ever

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If you don’t already have one, consider taking advantage of this Apple Watch 8 Prime Day deal. it’s easily one of the best Prime Day deals we’ve seen today. Amazon has discounted the aluminum, GPS-only versions of the tricked-out timepiece down to $279 for the 41mm model and $309 for the slightly bigger 45mm

Both are around 30% off MSRP and $60 lower than the lowest prices we’ve seen for the Apple Watch 8 yet. Although Amazon Prime Day is a 48-hour event, you’ll only be able to score these rare Apple Watch 8 deals on the first day.

Do you have an older Apple Watch? Read our Apple Watch Series 8 review for a more comprehensive look at everything the newest entry has to offer. The differences are less staggering if you’ve purchased one in the last couple of years, but the Apple Watch 8 adds a few key quality-of-life changes you may want to consider trading up for.

Best Apple Watch 8 Prime Day deals

Apple Watch 8 is the sweet spot for most people

The Apple Watch 8 isn’t the only one on sale for Prime Day. Amazon also has the Apple Watch SE (second generation) going for $199. And though the Series 8 is the latest successor in a line that once dominated Apple’s wearables as the most advanced watch on offer, Apple Watch Ultra now takes that honor – but is considerably more expensive.

Despite being lodged between a value-rich rock and a premium hard place, we still consider Apple Watch 8 to be the best Apple Watch for most people. The Apple Watch SE offers the essential experience for substantially less money if you don’t need an always-on display. It uses the same S8 processor and supports the newest version of WatchOS. 

But the Apple Watch 8 houses even more comprehensive vitality sensors, including a new skin temperature sensor that helps women track menstrual ovulation and fertility cycles, in addition to the returning electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor for more accurate heart rate monitoring and a sensor that can read blood oxygen levels. 

The Apple Watch 8 also enjoys a maximum 36-hour battery life in its new Low Power Mode. Coupled with fast Qi wireless charging, it’s a boon for forgetful folks who don’t check battery levels until they’re practically out of the door. 

If that’s not enough, a new crash and fall detection feature could be a lifesaver if you’re ever unfortunate enough to suffer an accident. Both are new to the Apple Watch lineup as of Series 8 and SE. All you get extra in the more-than-double costing Ultra are longer battery life, more precise GPS features, and better durability with water immersion up to 100 meters (compared to 50)—all in a casing many consider uncomfortably girthy.

The Apple Watch 7 is still solid for the money in 2023 for both new and upgrading buyers, but Apple has officially ceased sales on that model and long-term support is officially on the clock. Consider jumping on this Apple Watch 8 deal if these sound like impassable treats.

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