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Artificial wombs, exam stress, and celebrating the role of grandmothers


Childbirth is something that more than 80% of women go through in their lifetime. But could that be about to change? Sci-Fi author Helen Sedgwick thinks we’re just a generation away from external, artificial wombs being used for childbirth. But what does this mean for the concept of motherhood and a woman’s place in society? Anita is joined by Helen and designer of an artificial womb Lisa Mandemaker.

Exam season is upon us – Highers have begun in Scotland and A-levels and GCSEs start on the 16th May and finish on the 28th June, but maybe your kids have end of year exams coming up too. As a parent what is the best way to support your child? Especially if they have important exams looming but are doing everything they can to pretend that they don’t? Or perhaps you have the opposite problem and your child is paralysed with anxiety. How do you engage the teenage brain and support your child with their revision? Anita is joined by Dr Jane Gilmour, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

What does your grandmother mean to you? The South African musician Toshi has released a new song – Khokhoba – which means ‘getting old’ in her native language of Xhosa. The song is dedicated to her grandmother and we hear about the spiritual and societal role that elderly women and grandmothers play in the Xhosa culture.

Sex Parties have gone from being fringe underground raves to large, well-established sell-out club nights, in the last few years! Why are we seeing a resurgence the sex party? We hear from Dr Kate Lister, Sex Historian and Author of A Curious History of Sex & Miss Gold, who runs One Night Parties, a sex party in London. They discuss how Covid-19 has changed the way we approach sex, the female gaze and hedonism through history

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