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Vomit-inducing deepfake nudes show yet again that when misogyny intersects with AI and elitism, girls get hurt | Van Badham

The Bacchus Marsh grammar allegations are shocking but not new. Barely regulated tech has made school student pornographers a global phenomenon

A teenage private schoolboy has been arrested for allegedly distributing “incredibly graphic” deepfake images of 50 girls from Bacchus Marsh grammar in Victoria. The story represents a triskelion knot of technolibertarianism, exclusivity and misogyny we are disastrously failing to untie.

The girls’ recognisable features were apparently scraped from social media photos, then an AI “nudifying” app did the rest. The boy allegedly shared the resulting composite images on social media. He was arrested but released without charge. But the girls saw the images. Friends saw them. Parents saw them. One parent described having to provide a bucket for her traumatised daughter to be sick into after seeing them – and her daughter wasn’t even one of the victims. One word the parent used in her description of the images was “mutilated”.

Van Badham is a Guardian Australia columnist

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