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Kylee and Aven didn’t leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ engaged, but they’re still one of the season’s success stories

A sidde by side image of Aven Jones and Kylee Russell.Aven Jones and Kylee Russell.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images; ABC/Craig Sjodin

  • Spoilers ahead for the finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” season nine.
  • Kylee Russell and Aven Jones connected early on during this season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” 
  • The two left the show together after Aven refused to get engaged. 

Kylee Russell and Aven Jones had an instant connection on this season of “Bachelor in Paradise”, and they didn’t care who knew it.

Kylee emphasized in her introduction that she was really excited to meet Aven, who she said repeatedly liked her Instagram photos and once even sent her a fire emoji in response to one particularly enticing picture.

And after they went on their first date during the first week of “Paradise,” Kylee and Aven were basically inseparable.

The two seemed on track for an engagement. But during the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale, which aired Thursday, Aven was adamant that he wanted to continue dating off of the show. Despite some pushback from Kylee, who was clearly gunning for an on-air engagement, the two ultimately left the show as a couple, but before a proposal could take place.

The “Where are they now?” montage at the end of the finale revealed that Kylee and Aven were still dating after the show wrapped. Here’s what we could piece together about their relationship status today.

Aven and Kylee during the penultimate episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 9.Aven and Kylee during the penultimate episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” season nine.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Kylee and Aven seem to still be together post-‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Based on a month-long gap in posts on both Kylee and Aven’s Instagram profiles (like all good influencers, they dutifully post at least once every three-ish weeks), it seems as though “Paradise” filmed in June of this year. Reality Steve also said that the show filmed for about two-and-a-half weeks, starting in early June.

Since that point, Aven and Kylee have liked every post from the other person without fail, which seems like relationship behavior to us.

Kylee has also posted several sweet photos with Aven to her Instagram page since “Paradise” began airing as well.

While Aven hasn’t posted about Kylee as of writing, the two are also still following one another on Instagram. And although neither has posted anything conclusive about their relationship status, it’s probably safe to assume that they’re still together today.

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