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Candice Carty-Williams, Russian Feminist Protestors, Threads


Candice Carty-Williams described her very successful first novel Queenie as ‘the black Bridget Jones’. In the opening chapter of her new novel People Person absent father Cyril climbs into his gold jeep and drives around London collecting the five half-siblings he has sired, introduces them all for the first time and buys them an ice-cream. Candice has called this her ‘daddy issues’ book and in it she celebrates families of all sorts. Her aim, she says, is to make visible the people she knows and the experiences she has had. She joins Emma in the studio.

Despite laws preventing protest or even coverage of the war, many women and female-led groups in Russia have found a way to express their opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. One of them is the Feminist Anti-War Resistance, which has over 32,000 followers on the social media app Telegram. We’re joined by one of their founders, Ella Rossman, who also researches Russian feminist activism at UCL.

The latest in our series ‘Threads’ about the feelings and memories associated with the clothes we just can’t part with. Listener Vanessa is in North Yorkshire – she treasures the homemade shift dress she made in the 90’s when she fancied her herself a 60’s chick. She joins Emma to tell her story.

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