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Could We See A Summer Of Higher Gas Prices and Blackouts?

President Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act to hasten the production of clean energy technology like solar panels. This move comes amid a difficult energy situation in the United States, with multiple types of fuel hitting record high prices. As the Biden administration invests in renewable energy sources, coal plants are shutting down and some energy experts believe these shutdowns could cause a major reduction in energy output. Fox Business’ Jeff Flock joins the Rundown to discuss why coal remains an important energy source in the country, how the Biden administration is trying to balance a focus on clean energy while supporting traditional energy sources as well and what rising fuel costs suggest about the trajectory of the energy troubles in the U.S.


This Thursday, the January 6th Committee will be making its hearings public with a prime-time television slot. While the goal of the programming is to provide viewers with more information and details related to the hearings, its success remains to be seen as many Americans seem to have moved on. FOX News Legal Contributor and Law Professor at George Washington University Jonathan Turley joins the Rundown to discuss what audiences could expect to see, the arrest of former Trump aide Peter Navarro and his concerns regarding abuse of subpoena power.


Plus, commentary by host of ‘The Ben Domenech Podcast,’ Ben Domenech.

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