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Current News Review – 5:35 AM 10/4/2021: US sees drop in Covid cases and hospitalizations. | How feasible is a EU Army? | Netanyahu-led parties missing in action.

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Current News Review – 5:35 AM 10/4/2021

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Затыкать дыры придется в суде: началось рассмотрение дела генерала ФСБ
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Signs of encouragement as US sees drop in Covid cases and hospitalizations
Jets stun Titans in overtime for Zach Wilsons 1st NFL win (PHOTOS) –
Spirit Airlines plane catches fire after bird flies into one of its engines during take off
U.S. Signals Little Thaw in Trade Relations With China
A Dispatch From an Endangered Birds Garden of Eden
How feasible is a EU Army? –
Budget, PMs term limits on agenda as Knesset faces turbulent winter session
Netanyahu-led parties missing in action as Knesset reopens with budget at stake
Japan’s Parliament Elects New Prime Minister Fumio Kishida
Why todays cybersecurity threats are more dangerous – CSO Online
Global Airport Security Market Assessment 2019-2026: Drivers & Inhibitors, Business Opportunities, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Post-Pandemic Outlook – Yahoo Finance
Hungary’s COVID-19 deaths rise to highest since start of fourth wave – Reuters
Kentucky plans campaign to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations – Associated Press
Mother wants 6-year-old son who died of COVID-19 to be remembered – Hawaii News Now
COVID-19 hospitalizations drop in W.Va. on Sunday; active cases also decline – WCHS-TV8
“political criminology” – Google News: Most of this school board candidate’s resume may not be true | – The Daily Herald