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Deep Breath In – what’s in store for general practice in the UK

This is a special episode of our podcast for GP’s, Deep Breath In, where we tackle the everyday challenges of being a GP.

With the focus on covid, and the pressure on hospitals, it may be easy to overlook what’s happening in general practice in the UK – but changes are afoot. Our new health secretary Sajid Javid doesn’t seem to like our long standing GP practice arrangement, NHS England has imposed new weekend working arrangements on the already stretched service, and the workforce pressures continue.

In this episode of Deep Breath In, our GP panel of Tom Nolan, Navjoyt Ladher, and Jenny Rasanathan are joined by Gareth Iacobucci, The BMJ’s assistant news editor, to give them the lowdown on what’s happening around primary care, who some of the key players are, and what his predictions for 2022.

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