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Detroit neurosurgeon murder: I just want ‘some closure,’ friend says

(NewsNation) — Beloved Michigan neurosurgeon Dr. Devon Hoover was found shot dead in the attic of his mansion in April. Nearly eight months later, a close friend of his says she is frustrated with the state of the ongoing investigation.

“There’s been no communication from the police. Nothing. The family has had…I’ve had nothing either,” said Carol Gove, a good friend of Hoover’s.

Gove joined NewsNation’s “Banfield,” to discuss the state of the investigation in her first national interview.

In August, Detroit Police Chief James White said they were “prepared to have an announcement before snow hits the ground,” regarding Hoover’s murder investigation. But with winter well underway, Hoover’s loved ones are still waiting for answers.

“It was always the same thing, “Oh, we’re tying up all the details by the time that snow falls,” and then to hear him say that it was just an artful expression was just extraordinarily painful. It’s just like, I don’t know what to make of it. If you can’t believe the police. Who can you believe?” Gove said.

Gove tells NewsNation she went to Hoover’s house an hour after she learned he was dead, but was surprised by the scene she found there.

“There was no one there. There was no crime scene tape around the house or around the yard or around anywhere, and there were no police. There was no one there,” Gove said, adding that Hoover’s housekeeper came and waited with her.

According to Gove, three policemen arrived at the scene several hours later.

“They walked right by us and took the duct tape, a little piece of duct tape on the iron gate that led into the backyard, into the driveway, which was taped together. They took that off, walked around the greenhouse, and then left,” Gove said.

According to an autopsy report, Hoover was found dead in the crawlspace of his mansion’s attic. He was found wearing a single black sock. The report revealed he was first shot behind his right ear and then in the back of his head.

A person of interest was arrested in connection with the case of April 28th but was ultimately released.

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