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Former Governor Wanda Vazquez Is Arrested By The FBI At Her Residence

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, in English) arrested the former governor this morning Wanda Vazquez Garcedo At his residence, multiple sources confirmed the new day,

Vazquez Garcid’s arrest comes just two months after he was indicted at the federal level for alleged election fraud by a group of lawyers for the former Justice Secretary.

Although she did not reveal any names, the agency’s spokeswoman in Puerto Rico, Limari Cruz Rubiotold this newspaper that three arrests were being made this morning on corruption charges.

“I can’t give you the names of the defendants, nor can I tell you specifically, because we haven’t concluded the arrests yet and this indictment is sealed until the arrests are made. So, what I can tell you. I am limited in that but yes Has three arrest warrants for corruption”, elaborated the spokesperson.

At 11:00 a press conference will be offered at the offices of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Hat Rei.

Previously, it was reported that Vázquez Garcid had handed over his cell phone to federal authorities and although he did not deny or confirm this information, he said at the time that he was ready to cooperate with any investigation. .

The former president, along with his lawyers, feared a federal charge on May 12.

“The investigation here no one knows where they are going. I can tell the people of Puerto Rico that I have not committed any crime, that I have not engaged in any illegal or wrongful conduct,” Vázquez Garcid said at the time in an interview with Telenoticias.

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