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From Washington: Addressing Supreme Court Safety Concerns

As the end of the judicial year fast approaches, an unprecedented 29 Supreme Court cases are still without an opinion, a rarity for the Supreme Court. FOX News Legal Affairs Correspondent and Anchor of FOX News @ Night, Shannon Bream shares her insight on the potential causes of the Supreme Courts’ delayed opinion announcements, later weighs in on the assassination attempt of Justice Brett Kavanagh and the security concerns of the other 8 Justices, amidst growing mistrust within the Court.


Following the 2020 presidential election, data showed that more Latino voters voted in favor of President Trump than had previously voted Republican. This growing trend towards conservative politics led Democrats to allocate more money into winning back Latino voters through the Latino Media Network. Meanwhile, conservatives are simultaneously working to expand their outreach to the demographic through a more grassroots approach. Founder and CEO of Americano Media Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo explains why Latinos have long been overlooked during elections, what issues matter most to those voters, and how his network is aiming to get conservative messaging out to Latino audiences.


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