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From Washington: Fighting Inflation And A Baby Formula Shortage

Inflation has been plaguing Americans over the past year, and President Biden has been struggling to find a remedy. Recently, the President has been focused on confirming his nominees for the Federal Reserve while also lowering costs of things such as prescription drugs and childcare. However, rising energy costs and supply chain disruptions to items such as baby formula have only added to the country’s growing list of concerns.  FOX Business White House Correspondent Edward Lawrence explains how the White House is attempting to bring down gas prices, why the Fed keeps raising interest rates, and breaks down the baby formula shortage in America.


As Pennsylvania’s Senate primaries approach this Tuesday, the split between three Republican candidates grows narrower. Much of the focus has been on Dr. Mehmet Oz, the candidate who received an endorsement from former President Trump, and Dave McCormick, the candidate whom many believed would receive that endorsement. Kathy Barnette’s recent surge in the race has left many to wonder how her prominence will influence the number of undecided voters in the election. Government Professor at University of Texas at Austin and FOX News Decision Team Member and Pollster Daron Shaw joins Jessica to break down the power of the Trump endorsement in Pennsylvania, what issues are of most importance to voters, as well as how both parties may fare in North Carolina’s upcoming primaries.

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