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From Washington – January 6th Committee: Subpoenas Have Been Served To Republican Lawmakers

The House select committee on the January 6th riot issued subpoenas this week to five Republican congressmen, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who have refused to cooperate with the investigation in the past. These lawmakers are suspects for having knowledge leading up to and including the event, and even activities related to the transfer of presidential power. FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram explains the weight of these subpoenas, shares what could happen given the members ignore the request, and tells listeners why this is such an unprecedented event to take place.


The United States may have new allies soon, as Sweden and Finland intensified internal talks about joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) this week. While the organization has an open-door policy, the concern that Finland is a neighboring country to Russia stirs controversy amidst the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine. FOX News Foreign Correspondent Alex Hogan outlines the criteria needed to join NATO and reveals the possible risks involved if the two nations are not absolved quickly.


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