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Gerhard Schröder: “Why should I apologize?”

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by Gregor Peter Schmitz and Nikolaus Blome

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In an interview with
stern and RTL/ntv, Gerhard Schröder spoke for the first time about the gas crisis, his loyalty to Vladimir Putin and a possible way of ending the war.

It is late afternoon and the interviewers have just arrived at the main station in Hanover when the phone rings. Gerhard Schroeder on the phone. Does the former chancellor still cancel because he thinks a conversation at this point is too delicate?

But no, Schröder is in the best of moods and ready to talk, he only has one problem: what should he offer his guests to eat? His wife is still in South Korea, he has nothing in the house. Sashimi maybe? It later turns out that the Japanese restaurant Schröder valued was closed, but pizza is always an option. The security guards who have been with him for years take over the order.

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