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Headache Edition: Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Treatment for Chronic Headache

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Guest: Christopher D. Sletten, Ph.D., L.P.

Host: Darryl S. Chutka, M.D. (@ChutkaMD)

Chronic headache is one of the more challenging medical conditions primary care providers commonly face. Whereas the traditional medical model views pain as a problem to be treated and relieved, this model often fails when dealing with patients experiencing chronic headaches. On the other hand, the bio-psychosocial model fits patients with chronic headache much better and when this model is used in the management, patients often have a much better outcome. This podcast is another in our series of headaches and will address the use of a cognitive-behavioral approach with an interdisciplinary team in the evaluation and management of patients with chronic headaches. Our guest Christopher D. Sletten, Ph.D., L.P., a psychologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

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