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Niece of hostages calls on world governments to ‘think creatively’

(NewsNation) — On Oct. 7, Hamas militants took five of Efrat Machikawa’s family members hostage. Four of them have now been released but her 80-year-old uncle remains trapped in Gaza.

“He was approached by the terrorist who broke into their house and the family was hiding inside the safe room, the shelter, and my uncle, who is the kindest man ever, thought he could maybe negotiate or talk or try to see what are these people doing in their house,” Machikawa said.

Machikawa joined “NewsNation Prime” to share her uncle’s story, saying her family has received no sign he is even still alive.

“He thought he could communicate with them but when he did, he did not realize that they were monsters but not human beings, and he was actually abducted,” Machikawa told NewsNation.

Margalit Moses, 78, Doron Katz-Asher, 34, Raz Asher, 4, and Aviv Asher, 2, have all been freed from Hamas’ captivity. The family has received no updates on Machikawa’s uncle and Margalit Moses’ ex-husband Gadi Moses, 80.

Machikawa called on the Israeli and global governments to “think creatively” in releasing the remaining hostages, saying we have to bring them home.

“It has been two months and no one can imagine anyone surviving longer than that in those conditions, and especially if you’re wounded or ill,” Machikawa said.

“It’s time for everybody to gather all the power we have. The Israeli government, the global governments, and gather our humanistic power and ability to think creatively and understand how can we bring them back home,” she said.

Machikawa says she is on a rollercoaster of emotions, feeling grateful for the family that has come back from captivity, but worried for her uncle and all that the hostages have been through.

“We’re surrounded with so much grief, the brutality and the violence and the rape and the butchering. It’s really hard to imagine that we’re actually going through this, we still sometimes wake up in the morning and ask ourselves is this real?” she said.

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