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Japan was preparing bacteriological weapons against the USSR – FSB

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The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation declassified documents from which it follows that in March 1945 Japan was preparing for a bacteriological war against the USSR. On Friday, August 20, reports RIA Novosti.

It is noted that among the archival materials, including captured ones xe2x80x93 the interrogation protocol of the former second lieutenant of the medical service, an employee of the special detachment 731 of the Kwantung Army Sei Yamamoto (aka Tanako Masami).

According to Yamamotoxe2x80x99s confessionary testimony at the end of May 1950, he was looking for ways to maintain the long-term resistance of the tuberculosis and paratyphoid B bacteria xe2x80x9cfor use in bacteriological warfare.xe2x80x9d

xe2x80x9cAll research with the bacteria of tuberculosis and paratyphoidxe2x80x9d B xe2x80x9c, which I personally conducted, was carried out with the aim of using them as a weapon in the war against the Soviet Union, which, as I knew from the stories of Captain Shimizu and other military officials of the 731th detachment, who were present in March 1945 at a meeting held by General Ishii, should begin in June 1945, xe2x80x9c- he said.

The declassified documents were obtained as a result of the Manchurian strategic offensive operation of the Red Army, which ended on August 20, 1945. The main Japanese facilities for the development of bacteriological weapons were concentrated in the region.

Recall last year Russia declassified documents on the capture of Berlinxe2x80xa6 They tell about, among other things, German prisoners of war and ration cards for civilians.

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