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A Labour earthquake would be a triumph for Starmer – but open up alarming new ground for Farage | Jonathan Freedland

The rejection of Tory big beasts like Liz Truss would be thrilling, but don’t discount the boost it would give Reform

Where the lettuce led, could Labour follow? Could the party of Keir Starmer repeat the success of a household vegetable and defeat Liz Truss in her own constituency?

The very question would once have sounded laughable. Truss won South West Norfolk in 2019 with nearly 70% of the vote and a majority of more than 26,000. Yet in its latest analysis, Ipsos has the seat down as a “toss-up”. Were the former, if brief, prime minister to be toppled on 4 July, it would be the mother of all Portillo moments; she would for ever be the incarnation of an epic Conservative defeat. That such a scenario is even conceivable tells us a lot about the current state of our politics – and what could be coming next.

Jonathan Freedland is a Guardian columnist

Guardian Newsroom: Election results special

Friday 5 July 2024
Speakers: Gaby Hinsliff, John Crace, Hugh Muir, Jonathan Freedland and Zoe Williams

Programmer: Bridgette Mohammed

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