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Malliotakis Vows to Fight for Border Security, Energy Independence

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Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today released the following statement regarding the start of the 118th Congress and renewing her commitment to work on behalf of the residents of New York’s 11th Congressional District.

“I’m extremely proud of my office’s outstanding record of constituent services helping more than 7,500 constituents cut through bureacratic red tape and delivering over $141 million to constituents and community organizations including our hospitals and the New York Police Department during my first term. I’m also proud of fulfilling my commitment to my constituents that we would end the reign of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and restore balance to the halls of Congress. As the new Congress begins, I renew my committment to fight for the residents of Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn and work to restore our economy, secure our border, increase our energy independence, cut wasteful spending to reduce inflation and increase public safety in communities across America.”

She also released a statement congratulating Kevin McCarthy on getting elected the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

released the following statement congratulating Kevin McCarthy for his election to Speaker of the House for the 118th Congress.

“I’m pleased to see Republicans unite to elect Kevin McCarthy as Speaker for the 118th Congress. While the past few days have been tedious and frustrating, I’m thankful cooler heads prevailed, allowing us to begin the work we were elected to do and enact solutions to address the multiple crises created over the past two years under one-party Democrat rule.

“Throughout this process, Speaker McCarthy has listened to suggestions from across the party and enacted good government reforms to improve the way this institution operates and empower rank-and-file members, including a minimum of three days to review legislation and a requirement that any new government spending is offset with cuts to balance our budget and begin paying our unsustainable $31 trillion debt.

“Nancy Pelosi’s horrendous reign over the U.S. House of Representatives has officially come to an end and we are ready to uphold our Commitment to America and pass solutions to secure our border, stop Biden’s 87,000 IRS agent army, tackle inflation, increase our energy independence to lower costs for American families and restore public safety in cities across America. Let’s get to work.”

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