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Moroccan man who crossed border illegally: ‘I will do anything for America’

(NewsNation) — A 20-year-old from Morocco told NewsNation he’s ready to follow America’s rules and pay into the system even though he’s not legally able to do so.

NewsNation’s Ali Bradley spoke with Osama, who goes by OS, who crossed into the U.S. illegally. He said he paid $7,000 to cross into the country, but it was worth it to get to America.

A streamer and gamer in his home country, Os said he is headed toward New York where he plans to buy a bicycle and drive for Uber. When asked why he did not cross at a legal port of entry, Os told NewsNation he didn’t know how.

“I have no idea how to get a visa,” Os said.

When asked, Os said he was unaware of the CBP One app that is meant to help migrants sign up for legal entry through a port while they are still in Central America and Mexico. Os allegedly traveled through both countries on his way to the U.S.

The Biden administration has touted the app as a way to help reduce illegal crossings by making it easier for migrants to sign up for interviews at points of entry. Those seeking asylum must pass a credible fear interview in order to be allowed to enter and begin the asylum process.

Os said he believes it will be easy to find work in the U.S. and he’s willing to do anything for America. He expressed his love for American music and thanked President Joe Biden for everything.

When asked what he would do if he was told he had to go back to Morocco, Os said it wasn’t an option.

“I will kill myself,” Os said.

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