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The WeinerGate should be a part of the RICO charges against Trump and his circle. This story behind the October Surprise 2016 appears to be the central and direct factor of the Trumpian criminal conspiracy.

#WeinerGate should be considered as the Federal or NYState #RICO charges against #Trump, and they should be included in SC Jack Smith’s mandate and the focus of attention. The FBI itself(!), namely and still hypothetically at this point, McGonigal, late Kallstrom, his very interesting organization of the retired #FBI agents, and the related persons and entities should be very carefully investigated.

This is HISTORY, and on the higher scale than the Watergate. “the evidence that a deliberate plot was behind the exposure of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer — an act that may have put Donald Trump in the White House.” Exclusive: How Trump Backers Weaponized Anthony Weiner to Defeat Clinton

Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova), blogger 
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