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NATO Agrees On Plan To Caution Russia Against Increasing Hostilities

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Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times,

NATOxc2xa0agreed on a new master plan on Thursday to deter Russian advances on multiple fronts amidst a new low in the relationship following the ouster of NATO-accredited Moscow envoys and reduction in the number of Russian positions within the alliance.

The confidential strategy, Concept for Deterrence and Defence in the Euro-Atlantic Area, aims to prepare NATO members for attacks from the Baltic and Black Sea regions. The plan has incorporated measures for nuclear, space, and cyber attacks. As for cyber warfare, the meeting concluded with $1 billion in seed funding for developing digital technologies.

xe2x80x9cWe continue to strengthen our alliance with better and modernised plans,xe2x80x9d NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said following the Thursday meeting.

The defense ministers are in Brussels for the two-day event before the NATO summit next June.

NATO diplomats say such measures do not imply that there is an upcoming Russian attack.

xe2x80x9cThis is the way of deterrence,xe2x80x9d German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said of the master plan, according to Reuters.

xe2x80x9cAnd this is being adapted to the current behaviour ofxc2xa0Russia – and we are seeing violations particularly of the airspace over the Baltic states, but also increasing incursions over the Black Sea,xe2x80x9d she told German radio Deutschlandfunk.

Even as Moscow complains about NATO destabilizing Europe through such initiatives, Russia has been holding military drills and amassing almost 100,000 troops nearxc2xa0Ukrainexc2xa0borders, sending military aircraft that intrudes into NATO airspace, and developing nuclear-capable missiles.

Alongside ally Belarus, Russia has deployed combat robots in extensive military drills in September that have not gone well with the Baltic countries.

Russia is also developing xe2x80x9csuper weapons,xe2x80x9d includingxc2xa0nuclear-capable hypersonic cruise missiles that the United States hasxc2xa0no defense against, reportedxc2xa0rfe/rl.

The relationship with NATO had soured after Russian forces annexed Ukrainexe2x80x99s Crimean Peninsula back in 2014.

Earlier in the month, NATO expelled eight Russian envoys who were suspected to be intelligence officers. This was combined with halving of the number of seats from 20 to 10 given to Moscow in Brussels headquarters xe2x80x9cin response to suspected malign Russian activities, including killings and espionage,xe2x80x9d a NATO official said, Sky News reported. In retaliation, Moscow announced that its mission to NATO would be ending.

xe2x80x9cThe assumption up until now has been that Russia is a nuisance but not an imminent threat. But the Russians are doing some worrying things. Theyxe2x80x99re practising with robotics, and hypersonic cruise missiles could be very disruptive indeed,xe2x80x9d Jamie Shea, a former senior NATO official, said to Reuters.