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This brand makes personalized pillows that fit your exact sleeping needs — here’s my experience

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couple sleeping on Pluto PillowPluto customizes its pillows to your sleep preferences based off a sleep questionnaire.


Sleep products are rarely a one-size-fits-all experience, and for those after the best pillow, the solution may just be in customization. 

Adjustable pillows have exploded in popularity and help limit returns from the trial and error of which firmness or loft to seek out, but pillow specialty brand Pluto takes it even further with a pillow tailored to your needs. Launched in March 2018, it offers a personalized shopping experience that yields over 40 pillow variations to suit sleepers of all types. Founder Susana Saeliu says, “The only innovative pillows I found online were ‘smart’ pillows or ‘adjustable’ pillows — I just wanted a simple, high-quality pillow at a fair price.”

The final pillow you receive at your doorstep is based on an online questionnaire that asks about your body statistics, current pillow and mattress satisfaction (or more likely, dissatisfaction), sleeping positions, and pillow feel preferences, plus additional space to detail your specific needs or concerns. The $125 pillow comes with a 125-night risk-free trial and a one-year warranty. Due to the personalized nature of the pillow, it can take up to three weeks to receive your pillow, and couples will want to fill out their forms individually. 


Designpluto pillow variationsPluto has developed more than 40 variations, and growing.


The Pluto Pillow has three parts: an outer cover, a pocket layer of hypoallergenic down-alternative fibers, and a high-performance inner foam core that varies in height and density. Each answer in the questionnaire weights certain combinations of these elements. The pillow’s construction isn’t necessarily simple, but Saeliu’s reference to simplicity has more to do with your interaction with it. You don’t need to tinker with any mobile apps, unzip and physically add in or remove layers, or do anything else that makes you do more work than necessary.

Differences in the factors below create over 40 variations, but Saeliu says that the number can change as the company gathers more customer feedback and develops more materials. For instance, you can choose between a smooth, temperature-regulating eucalyptus lyocell or lightly quilted, cool-to-the-touch, plush fibers for your cover. 

The pillow’s inner core is made of high-performance CertiPUR-US-certified foams, which vary in height, density, and firmness, while the surrounding fibers vary in thickness and quantity. Pluto does not offer down fill or latex cores, though they do have foams that can mimic the feel if you’re after a latex design. 

What the Pluto Pillow is like to sleep with

The pluto pillow unzipped to reveal foam layerThe Pluto Pillow has a hybrid design with a foam core and a plush fill, with two cover options to choose from.

Jaclyn Turner/Business Insider

I had a chance to take the quiz and try a Pluto Pillow and what struck me the most about mine was how remarkably light it was. Having tested a variety of pillows in the past, I could tell immediately that no other pillow comes close. Though fluffy and lightweight, it still provided the right amount of structure and support for a back sleeper like me who tends to go to sleep and wake up in the same position.

Though your pillow will likely feel very different from mine, my satisfaction with my Pluto Pillow is a good indication that the company stays true to its word of personalized comfort.

For instance, another editor who has owned the pillow for two years refers to the Pluto as her “perfect pillow,” and well-suited for sleeping on her back or side. Her pillow combination is comprised of a temperature-regulating cover with plush fill and a 2.5-inch foam core. 

What are your alternatives?

The Pluto Pillow is more affordable than the luxury pillows offered by mattress-first brand Saatva or bedding-first brand Boll & Branch. Still, it is more expensive than our best pillow overall, an adjustable style from Coop Sleep Goods, and many of the other pillows we recommend in our best pillow guide. The added strengths of Pluto are its sole focus on the pillow business and of course, the personalization feature. Pluto has also since introduced a body pillow, dubbed the Puff, which is one of our best body pillows, and a travel pillow, the Pod 2.0

The bottom line

pillow foamThe Pluto Pillow takes the guesswork out of trying to find the right pillow.


Though I’ve tried many other pillows, they were all one-size-fits-all solutions, and I could tell the difference upon trying my Pluto Pillow. The Pluto Pillow takes the guesswork out of finding the right pillow; the short questionnaire is both easy and engaging to fill out. The final result is a pillow custom-tailored to your individual needs and preferences that sleeps cool and stays supportive for back, stomach, and side sleepers. 


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