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Psychological profile of Hungary’s Prime Minister 

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Viktor Orbán is a Hungarian state figure and politician, a pro-Russian leader in Europe, and Eurosceptic, who used harsh language to criticize Russia up to a certain time. 

His model of government rule is a complete replica of the German one. He strengthened the role of prime minister in Hungary‘s government, with hands layed on the main leverage of management decision -making. 

When a person is eager to keep everything under control, he starts showing authoritarian power to cement his position mentally and politically.  Motivation has shifted for Orbán, a  conservative leader early in his career, to authoritarian ambition today. Driven at first by leader’s ambitions, he is now eager to maintain his dominance in Hungarian society. Having called for free elections in Hungary in 1989, Orbán is now eager to use all available means to preserve his post, as he takes up all media during the election campaign, while his opponent has only 5 minutes to talk.  He won the elections due to propaganda and administrative coercion. That helped him to partially get rid of the fear of losing his political post, which can be compared to the fear of death.

 His speeches sound like he immitates Putin, with all available propaganda and disinformation tools to preserve power. That has triggered a major shift in his morality.

  What Orbán says and does is prepared in advance, so that he could see real global responce to things that are important to him. In 2009, for example, Orbán called ethnic Hungarians living in Slovakia a “state-building community”, at 2022 FIFA World Cup, he deliberately wore a scarf with a map of Hungary before 1918. That is not a mere provocation, scandal or demonstration of his audacity. He models his inner desires that way. If to speak about his personality, his active life stance plays major role, with consciously regulated behavior, as everything he does is a well thought out plan.

As a leader, Orbán knows how to take responsibility for his decisions. That applies only to Hungarians, as home policy and holding on to power are the only things he cares about. As for foreign policy, he view the actors as means of maintaining power in Hungary. This also applies to Russia.

 Orbán is an extroverted type of human personality, with strong and mobile nerve processes. Orbán is choleric by temperament. He is active, goal-oriented, motivated, and proactive. He turns his initiative into constructive action. As choleric, he is also unstable and impulsive, which is clearly seen in his speeches. He is quite aggressive in conflicts, hot-tempered, he poorly controls his emotions. His mood, and his thoughts, are constantly changing.

Orbán often praises himself, proudly talking about his achievements.

He resorts to  Russian propaganda narratives in his speeches, with other people’s ideas passed off as his own. He is critical by nature, and it’s difficult for him to control his real attitude to things that bother him. Speaking of the sanctions imposed on Russia, for example, he claims they are ineffective, thus demonstrating he’s negative and dismissive to whole EU decision-making, and on the other hand – positive to Moscow.

He blames others for lack of success.

Orbán is a self-confident speaker who knows how to keep his internal audience by mere manipulation of moderate utility prices and other populist topics. He easily adapts to changing conditions, resorts to tricks to achieve a specific goal, but all this makes him involved in corruption schemes of  Russia’s energy business.

Orbán has high self-esteem, but now his emotional state is unstable, as he seeks to satisfy the Kremlin and preserve Brussels’ money at the same time.Orbán now starts taking care of his political image. That’s his Achilles heel. He is aware Moscow will eventually lose him as an ally, and he will again change his stance and ideology in an effort to hold on to power and preserve support by the EU, as he will be unable to avoid economic crisis in the country without it.

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