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Reality Of War For Ukrainians, “Life Will Never Be The Same”

May 9th marked the 74th day since Ukraine was invaded, as well as Russia’s Victory Day celebration commemorating 77 years since Germany’s defeat in World War II. Russian President Vladimir Putin used the celebration as a means to justify his attacks on Ukraine, once again trying to draw a comparison between Ukrainians to Nazis. FOX News Foreign Correspondent Alex Hogan spent six weeks in Ukraine covering the war. She joins the Rundown and shares some of her conversations with civilians who were affected by the devastating attacks, the status of Russian military progress and Putin’s endgame, and the legacy left behind by fallen colleagues, Pierre Zakrzewski and Sasha Kuvshynova. 


Last week’s turmoil for the U.S. stock market continued Monday, with the Dow and NASDAQ seeing losses as investors quicken their stock selloffs. Various sectors from industrial, energy, and even tech took hits in the market as rising inflation and shifting Fed policy is causing skepticism and worry that the U.S. economy may be moving towards a recession. Jonathan Hoenig, founder member of the Capitalist Pig hedge fund and FOX News contributor joins to break down whether the country is heading towards a recession, how inflation and Fed policy are negatively impacting investors’ behavior in the stock market and why it is important Americans’ “put their financial house in order.”


Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla.”

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