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Former President Donald Trump to speak at event in Las Vegas 

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(NewsNation) — Republican frontrunner and former President Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail in the swing state of Nevada Saturday.

He’ll be speaking at a GOP volunteer event in Las Vegas and we can expect him to take some swipes at fellow Florida man, Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump verbally attacked DeSantis in Iowa yesterday, criticizing his biggest rival at the moment for his stance on ethanol.

Trump told a Council Bluffs, Iowa, crowd that DeSantis “totally despises” the renewable fuel partially made from corn.

“Don’t forget, he was a congressman, and he was voting against it and fighting for years to kill every single job supported by this very important industry,” Trump said. “Ending the renewable fuel standard was one of his top priorities as a member of Congress. He wanted to end it. And if he had his way, the entire economy of Iowa would absolutely collapse.”

It’s obviously still early, but a pro-DeSantis super pac is being pretty upfront about not hitting the mark that they want to be at now in this primary race, saying DeSantis is “way behind” in national polling.

When looking at polls in the crucial early nominating states, they indicate Trump has a double-digit lead over the Florida governor.

In Iowa, a poll commissioned by a pro-Trump PAC puts him ahead by 23 points.

In New Hampshire,m Trump bests DeSantis by 28 points. In South Carolina, Trump is ahead by 23 points.

DeSantis has tried to hit back at Trump with a video highlighting some Trump’s past comments on LGBTQ+ issues.

But even some conservatives say it missed the mark, some calling the video homophobic.

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