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U.S. Embassy Statement Regarding Assistance to Georgia

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Allegations made publicly today against one of our assistance projects are false and fundamentally mischaracterize the goals of our assistance to Georgia.  USAID has been supporting the Georgian people since 1992.  As always, our assistance is transparent, and we welcome any opportunities to discuss any concerns the government may have. 

The right of citizens to freely voice their concerns and aspirations is foundational to any democracy and is a value shared by both of our countries.  USAID has collaborated with CANVAS for more than two years to help people to speak up for the issues that matter to their families and communities.  We have partnered with CANVAS to deliver training to mothers advocating for better cancer treatments for children, and to people advocating for the rights of elderly citizens in their communities. 

Despite these unwarranted attacks, we will continue to support Georgian organizations who support people to secure the future they determine and deserve and to secure their fundamental rights guaranteed by the Georgian constitution.

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