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Uncertainty over fate of evacuated Azovstal fighters


Ukraine is working on the next stages of the operation to evacuate soldiers from the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. We hear from the wife of a man who is still in the Azovstal plant, and from the former head of Ukraine’s national security council.

Also on the programme: US President Joe Biden has condemned white supremacy as “a poison running through our body politic” during a visit to Buffalo, New York. Ten black people were killed at a supermarket in the city on Saturday in what is believed to be a racially motivated hate crime.

And we look at how rising energy prices are hitting businesses in Italy’s industrial north.
(Picture: Smoke rises above a plant of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, 02/05/2022, Reuters/ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO)

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