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Without competition, Coles and Woolworths misuse their market power – and the Australian public gets screwed | Abdel Badoura

Make no mistake about it – we find ourselves in a cost-of-living crisis because there is no true competition in the supermarket industry

This is an extract of evidence given to the Senate elect committee on supermarket prices on 15 April 2024.

I have spent over a decade working on the frontline of supermarket pricing, working for suppliers wanting to sell their products within Australian supermarkets. I have been fortunate to work for some of the biggest brands, allowing me to have a breadth of experience and contact across all functions of the supermarket sector.

No change to retailer margin percentage – the money Coles and Woolworths make selling the product;

No change to promotional frequency and margins – the campaigns and discounts that the supermarkets use to entice customers; and

No change to advertising commitment – the money Coles and Woolworths make through their own in-store and online advertising mediums.

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