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Donald Trump just went down the rabbit hole


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Donald John Trump has once again screwed the pooch on getting the female vote, and this story proves it. The convicted felon, along with many of his fellow partners in slime, have been carefully avoiding mentioning abortion. Well, it’s no wonder! This is the issue that will sink their chances in November.

But Trump, heeding the call of his disintegrating brain cells, happily threw caution to the wind as he waxed poetic at an antichoice event. This event was hosted by the Danbury Institute, whose belief system includes calling abortion “The greatest atrocity facing our generation.” (They also referred to it as a “child sacrifice.”)

So these two—Trump and this group—are two peas in a pod, as Trump made sure to highlight when he spoke at the event. Trump, happily encased in glass — the glass of his broken mental state — did not choose to clean up the broken shards — instead, he threw them right across the room as he cheerfully told this grotesque group that he would be right by their side, helping them in their mission.

“I know what’s happening,” the brain-broken convicted felon sang out. “I know where you are coming from and where you’re going.” We do, too. They’re going straight into crazy land. Then Trump said the following: “AND I’ll BE WITH YOU!!”

. . .

I’ll be with you. Ladies, sane people, let that sink in. This is a group that thinks abortion is child sacrifice who wants NO MORE, not even in case of rape or incest or the health of the mother. And the face of the GOP has announced that he will be fighting “right there with them.” The fact is these folks want to terminate the rights of women. I know it. You know it. Now, let’s ensure THE AMERICAN PEOPLE — ALL OF THEM — know it.

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