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The FBI “ruins people’s lives” routinely, as the result of their predatory vicious stupidity and as the matter of their policies and institutional culture. | #FBI, My Opinion – #Opinion

The #FBI “ruins people’s lives” routinely, as the result of their predatory vicious stupidity and as the matter of their policies and institutional culture. 

Ruin the FBI in return, and ruin their lives!

This criminal mafiosi gang (or the “church”, as Norman Maler called it) has no legitimate right to exist in a democratic society.
In addition, they are inefficient, inept, and dysfunctional.
The new, better working, smarter, more humane Security structures are needed.
This is also the issue of the Society’s mental health.
The Society where one half of the populace, sometimes including clergy and psychotherapists, are the FBI informants who spy on the other half, is the sick society by the definition and default.
The Society that wages the COINTELPRO WAR against its own people, is the sick society.
The Society in which the Secret Police (that’s what the FBI is) tries to control the public discourse and politics, in many visible and invisible ways, is a very sick society, on a path to stagnation and self-destruction.

The FBI does not protect America, they run the protection racket on America, to justify their existence and the keep.

Elise Stefanik: FBI ruined people’s lives

Michael Novakhov 


FBI ruins people’s lives – GS

How the FBI Destroyed the Careers of 41 Women in TV and Radio

At the dawn of the Cold War era, dozens of progressive women working in radio and television were placed on a media blacklist and forced from their industry. Carol Stabile explores this shameful period in American history.
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A Texas bill could ban trans athletes from playing college sports

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stares with an American flag in the background.Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas

Marco Bello/Reuters

  • Anti-trans legislation has swept across the country in recent months. 
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to pass a bill that would ban trans athletes from college games. 
  • The bill would only allow athletes to play on teams corresponding to their sex at birth. 

Gov. Greg Abbott is poised to sign a bill that would ban trans athletes from playing in college sports on the team that aligns with their gender identity, the HuffPost reported. 

If Abbott signs the bill into law, student athletes on teams sponsored or authorized by public colleges will only be allowed to play on teams that match the gender they were assigned at birth.

The bill passed in the state legislature of Friday and advocates have pushed back against it.

“S.B. 15 is yet another invasive, impractical measure mandated by the Texas legislature to ‘fix’ a problem that does not exist,” Melodía Gutiérrez, Texas director for the Human Rights Campaign said, according to the Texas Tribune. “Every student deserves the same chances to engage in sportsmanship, self-discipline, and teamwork, and to build a sense of belonging with their peers. We should not discriminate against or ban any student from playing because they’re transgender.”

The Tribune reported that Abbott has already said he would sign the bill when it  lands on his desk. 

Legislatures clarified that the law would only apply to intercollegiate games, not intramural games. 

The legislation is one of many anti-trans bills that have circulated across the US in recent months. Insider previously reported that much of the legislation across multiple states is nearly identical. 

After reviewing 130 bills across 40 states, The Associated Press tied much of the language in the proposed laws back to conservative groups like Do No Harm and the Family Research Council. 

Read the original article on Business Insider
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