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Senile Donald Trump just stepped in it

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Donald Trump has never really understood how to appeal to anyone outside his own base. It’s why he’s lost the previous two elections by a combined ten million votes. The problem for Trump is that as more moderates than ever pull away from him in 2024, he has to work harder than ever to find a way to expand his support outside of his own base. The bigger problem for Trump is that he’s way too far gone to be able to play that game.

Trump met with Republicans on Capitol Hill on Thursday, in the hope of getting the general public to look at him like a candidate, instead of a convicted felon awaiting sentencing. The trouble for Trump is that each time he does this, he blows it in a way that reminds the public he’s a felon and a dementia patient.

While meeting with Republicans on Thursday, Trump reportedly said that Milwaukee, the host location of this summer’s 2024 Republican National Convention, is a “horrible city.” Well that’s a really stupid thing to say. Trump and his Republican Party are supposed to be banking on making a good impression in Milwaukee, a key major city in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin. Even though President Biden is going to win Milwaukee easily, Trump has to rack up as many votes as possible in places like Milwaukee. Yet he just insulted everyone who lives in the Milwaukee metropolitan area – including moderate Republicans who were already looking for a reason to stay home instead of voting for him.

You just know that while the Republican National Convention is going on in Milwaukee, the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party are going to spend every day reminding everyone as loudly as possible that Donald Trump said Milwaukee is a “horrible city.” At this point Trump is so deep into senility, he’s writing our material for us.

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The Republicans also seem to understand just how badly Trump stepped in it. Five congressional Republicans have already gone to the media claiming that Trump never made the “horrible city” remark, in an effort to make the scandal go away. But it’s too late for that. House Republicans may be willing to lie for Trump, but they can’t shut him up – and that’s the real problem for them.

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